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The Black Pearl

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Welcome to Memories of Lothlorien.

This is Lord of the Rings IIII when a new enemy is ruling Middle earth, and only the kids of the Heroes can save Middle earth. Middle earth has live in peace the last 20 years, but in the 21 yeas with peace something is happening. In the lands of Elves the forest began to be dark and no leafs on them, just like fall. With the River elves the River is going dry and soon it will it not beeing a river there. In Gondor thiere it is no food and no water, the people is dying. In Mines of Moria, the great halls began to fall, and the darkness will soon be over the whole Middle earth. The only place where the darkness is not comming, is the Shire. Who can save them??The answer is: None, evrybody is doomed. But some is still fighting ageinst the Darkness.............


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Farewell to Lorien

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