Memories of Lothlorien


Legedns and Myths
The Black Pearl

The Riders of Rohan

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Whose companion are you?
*sigh* Legolas again
Congratulations! Your companion is Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood. It seems you hang out with a fairly noble crowd these days. ;) [more teasing *sigh*]

Which Middle Earth City do you Rule?
I rule over Lothlorien!
You rule over Lothlorien, the land of the
mysterious elves. You are subtley dominant
andlike it tranquil, and would do anything to
hold onto the things you've got. woohoo.

Which Hobbit is your favorite?
You are no Hobbit fan, but you are a fan of Legolas Greenleaf...the Prince of Mirkwood. He represents the race of Elves in the Fellowship. [I sense teasing coming.....uh-oh]

What kind of Elf are you? (I'm a warrior elf)

Dude! Where's my steed?? Who are you riding around Middle Earth?
I ride Shadowfax

Which Annoying Two Towers Character are You?

How well do you know Legolas?

How well do you know the ladies of Middle-earth?

Which Middle Earth flower are you?

You are Niphredel flower

Which side of Orlando Bloom are you?

You are the dashing but clueless........Will Turner! The hero of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, your adventures include getting wacked on the head, making deals with nasty pirates, deciding whether or not you like pirates, saving Elizabeth Swann, losing her, and saving her again. Sounds fun!


What Race Are You in Middle Earth?

What Race are You in Middle Earth?

How well do you know Elves?

Take my quizzes plz i hope you enjoy it!

I am a Lotr fan! I think you have seen it allready!


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