Memories of Lothlorien


Legedns and Myths
The Black Pearl

Links: Beautiful site!  If you are fan of Indyana this is a site for YOU

Captain of Gondor A small but fun LotR/Faramir site with contests and info on Faramir, Gondor, and such

The White Lady of Rohan Cool Eowyn site with Miranda Otto info, LotR humor, and more

Lothlorien A Lord of the Rings fan site/personal site with AIM buddy icons, humor (coming soon), and wallpapers

Bag End Inn Site dedicated to all the hobbits and the elf, with great pictures, news, and info

Alqualondë Nice site with book AND movie stuff, including gallery, shrines, and quizzes

Lord Legolas
Site dedicated to Legolas with lots of pics, quizzes, links, and banners

~*Lord of the Rings Forever*~
LotR site to hang out and enjoy pictures! Also a place for horseland users to get some pics for their horses!

 Undomiel and Amidala
Takes a look at the similarites between LotR's Arwen and SW's Padme. Forums, links, polls, bios, and more.

Unofficial LotR fansite
Gallery, humor, caption contest, fan art, poetry, links, and more 

Mordor... The Land of Shadow
Great images, wallpapers, media, and more--although it's all related to the forces of evil in Middle-earth 

The Mithril Awards
Awards for Tolkien fanfiction, poetry and essays

Misty Mountains
Captions, awards, AIM icons, avatars, and more 

Gallery, links, and quotes

Site dedicated to Lord of the Rings, with quizzes, music, and more  

Elven Beauty
Mostly about the LotR books, it includes detailed elf biographies, elvish info, and a fan section

Elven Forest Realm
Very pretty site with art, chat room, downloads, and more

3 Elven Realms
A site for Elf lovers...under construction

Burnt Lembas
Great humor and fan fiction--very funny

That is all more is coming later




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